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Corporate & Commercial Transactions

Our corporate attorneys regularly represent clients involved in acquisitions, sales, investments, and other financings. We guide them through every stage of the strategic-planning process to fully explore all available options, including tax preferential structures, and then effectively negotiate and implement those strategies. Our experience includes asset and equity purchases and sales such as leveraged buy-outs, purchases and sales of divisions and subsidiaries, spin-offs, reorganization and recapitalization, joint ventures, and strategic alliances.

Whether our clients need counsel at the concept phase, at the outset of negotiations, or after an agreement has been made, we are able to guide them through any issues that may arise. We routinely negotiate and draft all manner of business and commercial agreements including: asset/stock purchase and sale, joint venture, consulting, independent contractor, commissioned sales, executive employment, intellectual property licensing, non-competition, non-disclosure, non-solicitation, and support and transition agreements in concert with our overarching immersion into understanding our client's business and goals. We take a pragmatic approach, avoiding ambiguities and positioning transactions for straightforward implementation while easy to implement and to obviate subsequent disputes regarding interpretation.


Trusted Representation

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